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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Wednesday, September 26, 2012
A Hong Kong billionaire has offered up a staggering, if bizarre, "marriage bounty" to any man who can woo his married lesbian daughter.
Adam Lambert Pledges Gay Marriage Support In Maryland Before 'Outlaws Of Love' Performance
Lesbian Teen Shot In Texas Poignantly Responds To Attack
Gay Couple Sues Anti-Gay Group Over Use Of Engagement Photograph
'Don't Ask, Don't Tell': Transgender Officers On Secretly Serving In The U.S. Military (VIDEO)
HuffPost Gay Voices Is Having A Birthday Party!
Ian Carey: When Will We See Openly Gay Players in the MLB, NFL, NBA and NHL?
The onus is not just on gay athletes to come out, that lays with all athletes, gay or straight, to make it clear that gay players are welcome in the locker room.
Rob Watson: The 10 Best Animated Movies for Gay Dads and Their Kids
Gay dads don't get many advantages in the parenting landscape these days, but for whatever reason, due to a patriarchal Hollywood complex or just mere coincidence, there is a full treasure trove of great, father-affirming family material available.
Eliel Cruz: I am a Seventh-Gay Adventist
I am a young Seventh-day Adventist, bisexual male and I believe that it's time for Christianity to come out of the closet of close-mindedness. It's time to admit that "Don't Ask/Don't Tell" hasn't worked. Preaching fear and ignorance hasn't worked.
Evan Ross Katz: The Homosexual Guide to Football
I'm a homosexual, 20-something Jewboy who enjoys the game of football as much as I enjoy scouring the shelves of Shakespeare & Co, so let me break it down for you by presenting my A-to-Z of America's favorite pastime.
Scott De Buitléir: Male Rape: The Resilient Taboo
The 23-year-old student from Dublin, Ireland, was raped by another man two years ago, but it has been a long and dark journey before admitting it to himself in recent months. In the last few weeks he has told his boyfriend of six months, a select few of his friends, and his work colleagues.

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