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Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Tuesday, September 18, 2012
While many conservative pundits rallied around Mitt Romney after his comments at a private fundraiser were leaked, others from the wider media world were not so charitable -- especially after the GOP candidate held a sudden press conference to address the controversy.

The video, released by The Huffington Post and Mother Jones, showed Romney at a Florida fundraiser, saying that 47 percent of Americans are "victims" who are "dependent on government" and who he is not going to "worry about" in the campaign.
Romney Flocks To Fox News For First Post-Video Interview
WATCH: Soledad O'Brien Shuts Down Romney Adviser
Limbaugh: Video Is 'Golden Opportunity' For Romney
WATCH: Barbara Dismisses Elisabeth's Romney Comments
Eric Boehlert: With "47 Percent," Romney Campaigns as the Fox News Candidate
Note to Mitt Romney: This is what happens when you run for president on the back of Fox News and embrace the dark anti-Obama conspiracies that fuel the right-wing media.
Omar Baddar: Joe Scarborough Dead Wrong About "Why They Hate Us"
This week, after supposedly "talking to intelligence people all weekend," Joe Scarborough shared with us the insight that people in the Middle East "hate us because of their religion, they hate us because of their culture."
Emma L. E. Rees: Not Seeing the C-Word (Or Even the V-Word)
The tweeters and reviewers who denigrate Naomi Wolf and her new book, Vagina, shun intellectual difficulty, instead flimsily establishing easier and frequently ad hominem critiques. They want Wolf to have written a different book. Well, she didn't.
Maria Heinegg: New York Post Columnist's Fat Hate Rant Targets New SNL Cast Member
New York Post columnist Andrea Peyser is mad that you're fat. And she's mad that he's fat and that she's fat, oh, and you too. If you are fat or even chubby, Andrea Peyser is mad about it.
Tim Giago: Claiming Indian Heritage Does Not Make It So
The hubbub Elizabeth Warren falsely claiming that her grandmother had Cherokee blood is not an uncommon occurrence. This is a recurring problem in Indian country that needs to be addressed.

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