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Friday, 28 September 2012

Friday, September 28, 2012
The University of Virginia's student council has unanimously passed a resolution to bar co-eds from inserting the word "not" before the word "gay" (meaning "happy") in the school's song, which is performed at athletic events.
Radio Host's Offer To 'Change Hot Lesbians' Backfires
Meet Chris Tina Bruce, An Individual Who Exists Between Genders
Deportation Guidelines To Officially Define Same-Sex Couples As Families
Chris Kluwe, Minnesota Vikings Punter, Challenges Minnesota Rep. Mary Franson To Gay Marriage Debate
Gay Voices' Family Friday: Meet Tamara's Family
Trish Bendix:'s Best Lesbian Week Ever: Sept. 22-28
NBC's series about a support group has one of the best lesbian characters on TV, as played by Julie White. This week, she took Matthew Perry's character to a lesbian wedding and everyone thought he was Rachel Maddow.
Louis Virtel: Weeklings!: Who's Our Queen of Pop? (VIDEO)
Rihanna's new single "Diamonds" is out this week, which made me wonder: Do we even have a "Queen of Pop" anymore? And if so, who is it? Does she matter?
Andrea Poe: Obama Administration Is Recruiting Gay and Lesbian Foster and Adoptive Parents
President Obama, in contrast to his opponent Mitt Romney, has taken a firm and decisive stance in favor of gays and lesbians adopting.
Kelly Cogswell: Saying, "Oui" to Same Sex Marriage
The best thing about Tuesday, was that after getting her assurances from the Prez, my girl proposed to me. Maybe just because she could.
Nicholas M. Teich: Obama-Biden's Pro-Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Record is Impressive
We are used to politicians, especially at the executive level, never giving a straight answer when asked about LGBT rights. But there is something very different about this president and his administration.

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