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Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Wednesday, September 5, 2012
(Reuters) - Wal-Mart Stores Inc is testing a system that would allow shoppers to scan items using their iPhones and then pay at a self-checkout counter, a move that could trim checkout times and slash costs for retailers.

If the "Scan & Go" test by the world's largest retailer is successful, it has the potential to change the way people shop and pay, making the process more personal and potentially faster.
Comcast Refunds Customer For $6,000 Billing Error
Paul Ryan's Radical Food Stamp Proposal Comes At Worst Possible Time
The Single Best Tip to Beat High Gas Prices
For Lottery Winner, Picture Worth $52 Million
Bet You Didn't Know Your Car Keys Could Do This
Mark Cuban: Are We Better Off Today Than We Were Four Years Ago? Part 1
I only wish that candidates were held to the same standards of fact that CEO's of public companies are. If CEOs were as vague, fast and loose with the facts as our candidates are, they would be in big trouble.
Beth Kobliner: New Rules for Your Kid's Allowance
If it's "their" money, shouldn't they be rewarded for saving by being able to buy what they want? Er... no. We wouldn't allow our kids to buy endless amounts of tooth-rotting candy, would we?
Jonathan Rosenblum: Paul Ryan's Former Parish Priest Worried
"He shouldn't wrap himself in Catholic teaching because he is not using that [teaching] in what I would say is a balanced way," Father Stephen Umhoefer said.
Dan Solin: The Big Lie Is a Cruel Hoax
The perpetuation of the myth that you can pick outperforming actively managed funds through "research" is a cruel hoax. It makes ordinary investors feel inadequate when their efforts fail.
Stacy Johnson: The Single Best Tip to Beat High Gas Prices
Personal finance isn't about pinching pennies, it's about becoming wealthier, or at least maintaining your current wealth. In the case of combating rising oil, while pinching pennies doesn't hurt, it doesn't come close to solving the problem.

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