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Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Wednesday, September 5, 2012
Julian Castro Delivers Democratic National Convention Speech
The $6,000 Gap: How Health Care Reform Doesn't Cover Everything For Some Low-Income Americans
Homeless Cling To Motels Outside Democratic Convention
Foreign Leaders Live It Up In New York While Their Citizens Starve
Gunman Opens Fire During Quebec Premier-Elect's Acceptance Speech
Tavis Smiley: Redefining Freedom in America
It's high time we start to focus on the freedom from want in America. This is why the conversation about poverty can no longer be kicked down the road like a can.
Michelle Rhee: Poverty Must be Tackled But Never Used as an Excuse
Poverty presents huge challenges in our schools. But expectations of academic success for a child should never hinge on the circumstances of his or her birth.
Keith Boykin: How Democrats Should Respond to the 'Better Off' Question
Sure, America hasn't solved all its problems in four years, but Democrats have to stop apologizing for not being perfect and start letting people know what they've actually done.
Rep. Hansen Clarke: Defeating Poverty: The View From Detroit
We must address the root causes of this crisis. This means dismantling the hidden barriers -- including illiteracy and discrimination -- that keep millions in poverty and without hope.
Raul de Molina: Sí Se Puede!
In ten crucial states from here to November, people like Dolores will be knocking on doors, going through small shopping centers, restaurants and anywhere they will listen, to get Latinos to register and vote for Obama, who has done more for Latinos than any other president.


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