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Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Tuesday, September 18, 2012
Here's what we know: According to YouTube's parent company Google, the "Innocence of Muslims," a film blamed for inciting violence across nations in the Arab and Muslim world, is "clearly within" corporate guidelines.

It doesn't violate YouTube's definition of hate speech, which must be against a person, not a group. The film is technically legal in many countries. And yet YouTube has blocked the film in five countries (and counting).
Will Russia Ban YouTube?
Yahoo Just Closed A $7.6 Billion Deal
The World's Favorite Smartphone Platform Is...
Expert Reports Gaping Hole In Cell Phone Security
Website Problems Reported
John W. Whitehead: Smile, the Government Is Watching: Next Generation Identification
Brace yourselves for the next wave in the surveillance state's steady incursions into our lives. It's coming at us with a lethal one-two punch.
Terry Connelly: Mr. Page, Take Down That Video!
It is time for the CEO of Google, Larry Page, to recognize that the "film" called "The Innocence of Muslims" clearly falls outside YouTube's own standards against hate speech, and take down this posting immediately.
Craig Newmark: Get on the Internet Bus for Serious Internet Freedom
Political parties are in the process of adopting what they call Internet Freedom principles. Most of both parties' platforms include really good stuff, with one snag, regarding "net neutrality."
Larry Magid: Kindle Fire HD Is a Solid 7-inch Tablet
After a few days with the Kindle Fire, I came away impressed. It's a good choice, especially for non-techie users looking for an easy to use tablet that's great for consuming content.
Ryan Cunningham: Is YouTube the New Tin Pan Alley?
Where is the next George Gershwin cutting his ivory teeth? I've spent the last decade looking to Broadway for inspiration from the next generation of writers -- but more and more I've found that some of the most exciting new musical theater writers are debuting on YouTube.

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