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Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Tuesday, September 18, 2012
It's strange to think that Occupy is only a year old.

Maybe it's because the movement so powerfully tapped into currents long pulsating within the cultural zeitgeist that when it finally erupted it almost instantly felt immeasurably older. Or, having been obsessively tweeted, blogged and live streamed since its inception, it's been the subject of a virtually infinite number of news cycles from the moment the first protestors planted themselves in Zuccotti Park.
PHOTOS: Local Luxury Residence Named One Of The Best In The World
Retired San Francisco Firefighter Mysteriously Disappears On Amtrak
Jerry Brown Signs Landmark Bill That Will Change Funerals Forever
America's Least Reliable Bus System?
Jeanne Woodford: Sacramento Bee Reverses 155-year Stand on Death Penalty, Endorses Prop 34
The editorial board did not change its stance on the death penalty in absolute terms; they simply concluded that California's death penalty is hopelessly broken and cannot be fixed, and that it is "time to end the fiction."
Barbra Streisand: Obama vs. Romney: A Clear Choice
Do we want to go backward with Mitt Romney or move forward with President Obama? On Tuesday, November 6th, the American people will have the power to make that choice.
George Heymont: Musical Hijinks at the 2012 San Francisco Fringe Festival
Each year's San Francisco Fringe Festival is bound to contain a few surprises. Legacy of the Tiger Mother is an intriguing one-act musical by Angela Chan and Michael Manley that isn't afraid to grab a tiger mother by the tail and whirl her around in the air.
Bianca Bosker: Facebook, Gilt Flashed My Granny Panties: Why That's a Problem (and Not for the Reason You'd Think)
It goes without saying that among all the things I'd want to publicize to my 1,300 Facebook acquaintances, my need for tummy-tucking, industrial-strength granny panties doesn't make the list.
Rick Jacobs: Mitt Koch = Prop 32 Ways to Buy CA
We can say no to the Koch brothers/Karl Rove/RomneyBain and show them that people power can still beat corporate money. We can also tell them that the eighth largest economy in the world is not up to bid to the highest bidder.

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