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Thursday, 6 September 2012

Thursday, September 6, 2012
Engaged in a game of chicken with a teenage rival, Buzz Gunderson drives full throttle toward a steep cliff, intending to stay in the car only long enough to outlast his challenger, played by James Dean. But when he tries to jump to safety, his jacket gets caught on the door; his horrified peers watch as car and driver careen over the edge.

That iconic scene from the 1955 film Rebel Without A Cause could serve as an apt analogy to the potential outcome on both sides of the border if U.S. legislators don't get their act together soon to deal with their "fiscal cliff," says TD Bank chief economist Craig Alexander.
Catastrophe Or Boom Times? Depends On Whom You Ask
World's Richest Woman: Why Hire In The West When Africans Work For $2 A Day?
Nearly Half Of Canadians Still Living Paycheque To Paycheque
Canada Slides Yet Again On Global Competitiveness Rankings
Samsung Galaxy S III Sales Hit Stunning Milestone
Robin_Wright: Congolese Women Stitching a Community Back Together
As documented in a new report from the Enough Project, which ranks electronics firms on their progress in cleaning up their supply chains of conflict minerals, there are glimmers of hope for eastern Congo despite ongoing violence there, which is driven partly by conflict minerals.
Dean Baker: Romney's Success at Bain Capital: The Business as Scam Model
Bain Capital is not about producing wealth but rather about siphoning off wealth that was produced elsewhere in the economy. You cannot have an entire economy that is premised on the idea that it will siphon off wealth produced elsewhere.
Ellen Brown: The Myth That Japan Is Broke: The World's Largest "Debtor" Is Now the World's Largest Creditor
All of this has implications for Americans concerned with an out-of-control national debt. Properly managed and directed, it seems, the debt need be nothing to fear. Like Japan, and unlike Greece and other eurozone countries, the U.S. is the sovereign issuer of its own currency.
Krizia: One Mom's Hairstyle Savvy Made her a YouTube Sensation
Stay-at-home mom Mindy McKnight was constantly being stopped by women wanting to know how she created those cute hairstyles for her daughters. In 2009, Mindy's husband suggested she film her hairstyles for girls and she then started sharing them on YouTube. She posted her first video on YouTube on March 17, 2009 and ever since, her life has been a real dream!
Elena Haliczer: Disruptors Abroad: HuffPost's International Expansion
Disruption is local, and because of that, our new teams in Spain, France, and Italy have the opportunity to be first in market, driving the type of change we've seen in the U.S. these last seven years. At the same time, they are disrupting any complacency we might have about our platform here.

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