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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Wednesday, September 19, 2012
Captain Jack Sparrow isn't the only pirate in town. To mark International Talk Like A Pirate Day - yes, really - here are our 10 top screen adventurers of the seven seas... but who's your favourite film pirate?

Click on the pic above to check out our list and vote... and don't worry, Johnny Depp only appears once and a certain green amphibian Captain is in there too!
WHOOPS: Rupert Everett Leaves Presenters Squirming With Live On-Air Gaffe
X FACTOR: Contestant Reveals Why She Had To Quit
STRICTLY: Cutting Out Gymnastics Moves
TV REVIEW: How Does Derren Do It?
FIFTY SHADES: Is Jake Gyllenhaal Right The Right Fit? Here's What He Thinks...
Amy Wilson: How to Keep Your Topless Photos Out of Italian Magazines
For all young ladies of Kate of Windsor and Alison Pill's generation, there's an important lesson here: keep your top on where strangers can see you.
Kergan Edwards-Stout: Open Letter to Rupert Everett - Come Meet Our Kids
It seems that you, Elton John, and George Michael can't skip a day without such pithy nonsense running from your mouths. However, in this particular case, you were talking about me, my parter, our kids, and all the other LGBT families out there.
Ricky Gervais: An Amazing Week
Finished principal photography on Derek. Quite simply the best shoot I've ever been a part of.
William Hanson: Downton Etiquette Explained - Series 3, Episode 1
Downton Abbey waltzed back on to our screen last night, to the gratitude of the nation. It will come as no surprise that this is one of my favourite shows, not just because of the drama and characters but also the etiquette, customs and clearly defined class structure that was present at the time.
Jack Blackburn: The Brave People of Disney
There are no greater magicians in the modern age than the storytellers of Pixar, but they should not carry it alone. No-one at Pixar would claim that digital animation is the only way. They all fell in love with hand-drawn and stop motion work as children, and those mediums deserve their place still. They too can delight the child.

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