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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Wednesday, September 26, 2012
As news spreads that Justin Trudeau will be entering the Liberal leadership race, here's a look at the candidates he will likely be competing against.
WATCH: Mercer Really Hates Polls
Canada To Walk Out
Iran Issues Travel Warning For Canada
MPs To Vote On Controversial Motion On Definition Of Life
Rachel Décoste: There's Nothing "Cost-Saving" about the Fed's British Obsession
Minister Baird and British Foreign Secretary William Hague announced plans on Monday to merge British and Canadian embassies. To be precise, Minister Baird framed the suspicious measure as sharing. Reminiscent of the Napster file-sharing tool online, the open exchange of diplomatic duties across international jurisdictions does not inspire confidence. The idea, packaged and sold to Canadians as a cost-saving measure, flies in the face of common sense and gives off a hint of hypocrisy to a government saddled with billion dollar boondoggles in the form of G20 Summit and the never-ending money pit labeled the F-35 jets.
Brent Rathgeber: Pro-Choice or Pro-Life, Canada Needs a Clear Ruling on Abortion
One of the most contentious issues facing the 41st Parliament is Motion 312. My feelings on the abortion issue are complex and have evolved over time. I have come to the conclusion after years of deliberation and inner debate that I am both Pro-Choice and Pro-Life.
Keith Beardsley: The One-Minute Sneak Attack Happening in Parliament
In Parliament, the one-minute Standing Order 31 was designed to give MPs an opportunity to highlight something of importance in their riding. By 2008 there was increasing pressure to use more of the SO 31s as attack pieces (sometimes all of them) to get the government talk points out. Today, this has become pretty much standard practice. In my opinion this has been one of the contributing factors to the caustic atmosphere you now see on a daily basis in the House of Commons.
Daniel D. Veniez: Only We Can Put an End to Ugly Politics
Chief Electoral Officer, Marc Mayrand, had some tough talk for the Economic Club of Canada in Ottawa today. He said that we must "maintain trust and engagement in Canadian elections." As a first time candidate, I have been the target of many ugly tactics used by the army of political operators that make a healthy living doing this.
Paul Mott: The Real Victims of Teachers vs. Dalton McGuinty? The Students
The kids are just back to school and already much of what they enjoy in extra-curricular activities is being whittled away. Once again they are pawns to be used in a political game. What do you remember from your school days? I'd venture to say that many of the memories come not from what happened in class but from those extra-curricular activities, the life lessons learned and the great teachers who supported you in that quest.

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