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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Wednesday, September 26, 2012
With only a few moments' notice, the television camera light was on and so was I. I hadn't known when I went to meet some of the lovely people behind a new daytime talk show that I would be taped for an on-air "man on the street"-style clip. But there I was, prepped only minutes before on the question I'd be asked.

Before I knew it, the adorable and affable host was pointing the mic at me, asking what I thought I'd never do in my lifetime and actually did. I offered that I had started my own business, always wanting but never knowing that I would one day actually become an entrepreneur. I had managed to answer the question while unabashedly giving my business a little plug. Good job, I thought to myself, satisfied with my response and relieved I had spent a little more time on my hair and makeup that morning.
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Sadly, many men don't realize the profound effects infidelity can have on the emotional life of a trusting long-term partner. Inevitably, most cheaters are eventually found out, and the resulting fallout is often much greater than anticipated by the cheater.
Ann Brenoff: Yom Kippur: You Can't Atone On Facebook
As Jews worldwide mark the holiday that begins at sundown, my Facebook feed has been filling up with "friends" issuing blanket apologies to me and the rest of the Facebook for however they may have offended us.
Juliette Fretté: The Issue Dividing Women
When an attractive woman strolls around your workplace, you might treat her differently. She might as well be parading a better resume in front of you. Look at me, I can get a better man, a better job, a better wardrobe... a better life.
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Women & Co: 3 Things Women Should Stop Apologizing for
Nora Ephron showed us through both her characters and her life that smart girls finish first. Let's live up to her example -- and quit apologizing for it!

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