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Friday, 28 September 2012

Friday, September 28, 2012
The last thing anyone wants to do is put their head between their legs and inspect the colour of their poop. But guess what? It's not a bad idea.

According to an infographic created by, our poop is made up of 75 per cent water, while the other 25 per cent is a mix of fibre, dead bacteria and a mixture of fats, inorganic salts, dead cells, mucus and live bacteria.

It's Official: Canadians Love Ethnic, Healthier Foods
8 Totally Unreasonable Prenup Demands
What Exactly Does The Minister For Status Of Women Do?
Safeway And Walmart Included In Latest Beef Recall
20 Unusual Baby Names That Are Going To Be Trendy
Leanne Shirtliffe: You Know You're a Canadian When..
Let's face it, if the world is ending in a few months, Canadians had best acknowledge that the year 2012 has given us a unique national identity before we (and the Earth's seven billion inhabitants) are unable to throw another curling rock over the hog line. Without waiting for the world to end or the NHL season to start, let's begin.
Joshua Ostroff: Louis C.K., Fatherhood and the Sexism of Lowered Expectations
Louie isn't nearly the dad Cliff Huxtable was. He's divorced, doesn't own a house and is making it up as he goes. Sometimes his parenting sucks and sometimes it's amazing, but it always feels real, rather than a mere set-up to a punchline. And Louie always does his damnedest, right up to shepherding his daughter's stowaway duckling through a USO tour of Afghanistan.
Erika Lust: What Sex Sells to Women?
I don't believe any single person can say what women want, but I can say with certainty that women do want. And the sooner society, media and business realize that this is the case, that men aren't the only sexual beings, the sooner we'll have greater variety to choose from and representations that reflect us.
Nydia Dauphin: How Canadians Became Mice in a GMO Study
Last week, a ground-breaking study revealed that Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) pose a serious threat to our health. Among the obvious stingers of these findings lies the fact that one of the GMO crops used during this study, the Monsanto NK603, has been allowed in the Canadian food system by Health Canada since 2001. How did our government allow us to become the mice of Monsanto's own experiments?
Agatha Stawicki: What to Know Before Sending Your Kid to Private School
Over the past few weeks and months, our website has seen a rise in information requests for private education. This rise in inquiries is on trend with what is occurring throughout Canada as more and more private schools are seeing an increase in applicants. Below, I have outlined some of the differences and similarities between private and public school education.

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