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Thursday, 13 September 2012

Thursday, September 13, 2012
Puff is part teddy bear, with a hint of dog, or maybe mouse. He's a soft, smooth confection, all white and yellow with moonshaped pink ears and embroidered baby blues. Made of parachute-type material, with a whisper of a rattle inside, he was part of a Fisher-Price line a lifetime ago, known as Puffalumps.

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Baby's EXTREMELY Awkward Passport Pic
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Mark Shriver: It's Time to Do Something Grand: A Call to Action on Grandparents Day
Older Americans are an able and critical segment of our great society, who, through their active wisdom and engagement have much to offer. They can help create a more prosperous future for the most vulnerable among us.
David Vienna: Real and Imagined Fears About Your Stolen Baby Photos
The debate over content creator's rights online roars above the din every now and again. But when that stolen content is a picture of your child, the stakes seem higher than just a missing byline.
Jenny Ingram: Dream Big: My Daughter Teaches Me About Fearlessness
I want my daughter to dream... big. And fearlessly. To take the road less traveled. Me? I get to be her cheerleader and sometimes a voice of reason. But right now I am discovering I need to let my child be a child and dream, dream, dream. And in the process I am learning to dream.
Sheila Quirke: Donna's Cancer Story: Spring
being with Donna was like being with a Zen guru. She was completely open to and aware of the beauty around us in everyday life. "We are out in the beautiful world!" "Look at the sun! Look at the clouds! Look at the trees!"
Conor Grennan: 7 Survival Tips for Taking Your Kids to Restaurants
Why is it that the benchmark we set for our happiness when we have children is to ensure that our lives don't change?

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