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Friday, 5 October 2012

Friday, October 5, 2012
For a part of the body that gets so much attention, breasts remain mysterious to so many people — even the ones who own them.
Landmark HIV Ruling From Canada's Supreme Court
Geena Davis On Women In Media: 'Don't Be An Actor'
Birth Control Study Shows What Kind Of Change?
12 Celebrities Who Are Living With Bipolar
The Top 10 Foods That Make You Bloat
Amanda Garbutt: Not One for Turkey? Thanksgiving Alternatives
Thanksgiving doesn't just mean turkey time. New traditions and main course ideas are always surfacing. Not up for roasting a turkey this year, or just looking for something new? We've got some great dish ideas that will leave you feeling festive and satisfied without the mess and mayhem of a whole turkey.
Aviva Rubin: Does Marissa Mayer's Micro Maternity Leave Make Her a Bad Mom?
Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo Inc. will be back at work a week or two after the birth of her son. Is she a bad mother? I'm guessing the only people not spewing forth on this topic are those who are working two or three jobs and don't have the privilege of leisure or maternity leave. All of these mothering debates we've been having are not equity-focused. They are who's-the-better-mommy-focused. If Marissa Mayer wants to go back to work this week (I'm guessing she's given it a little thought); If I want to stay home and breastfeed for six years -- who are you to judge me? Neither of us is wrong.
Jessica Pearce Rotondi: Breast Cancer Awareness: Will I Have The Disease My Mother Did?
Breast cancer enters our bedrooms. It comes with us to fitting rooms. It's with us at weddings when our mothers or sisters are not.
Bianca Teixeira: The Workout Diaries: Fad #4, Pole Dancing
When I decided to start writing this column, pole dancing was the first and foremost workout that I wanted to try. I enjoy a good night out at a club and might have even won a dance-off or two. I'm back at Brass Vixens for this class. Owner and instructor Shannon is once again at the front of the room, closest to the mirror to lead me through the embarrassment that is to come.
Trevor Blake: Five Steps to Calm Your Brain
Most highly successful people got that way from having a great idea -- a moment of insight. A study found that when people take the time to quiet down the left brain solutions often percolate up from the subconscious. Once we stop distracting the brain with menial everyday worries and tasks, we release it to work at its maximum speed long enough for the brilliant ideas that are constantly fired at us to come into our awareness. Want to generate brilliant insights? Here's how to do it.

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