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Friday, 5 October 2012

Friday, October 5, 2012
Yes, it might be tempting to stay indoors and fall asleep in front of the television once the nights start to draw in. But don't let dark evenings lull you into an sedentary lifestyle.

Click the picture for some utterly pain-free ways to make the most of your precious weekend activity time.

Just What Exactly IS the Argument FOR Page 3?
Exploring Rabat - Morocco's Hidden Gem
Dirty Brits: UK 'Unhygienic During Flu Outbreak'
EL James Launches Pleasure Collection
Charles Pelkey: Tits On a Boar: A Male's Thoughts on His Own Breast Cancer
With those words, I joined the elite ranks of the 1 percenters. Alas, not those who've been the focus of the Occupy Wall Street movement. No such luck on my part. No, I am among that small group of breast cancer patients who happen to pee standing up.
Binky Felstead: When Did it Become a Crime to be Well Brought Up?
Made in Chelsea's premise is simple; it follows the lives of several young 'socialites'. It's glamorous, diverting and, hopefully, a bit of fun for viewers. So I'm always slightly taken aback when I learn, usually from TV critics and commentators, that in fact, rather than appearing in innocuous, distracting, light entertainment, I'm actually engaging in bloody class warfare. Pass me a helmet. When did it become a crime to be well brought up in financial comfortable circumstances and be lucky enough to attend a good school or university? Here, in modern Britain, apparently.
Lucy Prichard Jones: Social Media - for better, for worse?
Sue Cross: Cow's Milk is the Cruellest Drink: A Case for the Vegan Option Continued
Humans are the only species that drinks milk from another animal or that drink milk throughout adulthood. Supermarkets are abundant with milk products - like cheese, yoghurts, cream. Yet the health benefits are questionable: saturated fats; hormones; overly rich in protein; and implicated as a cause of testicular, breast and prostate cancer and heart disease.
Clare Macnaughton: Rocking a Rok Espresso
Being a Yorkshire Lass I was raised on a cup of builders tea, preferably Yorkshire Tea, as part of my daily life. In my youth I found coffee too earthy and bitter. As I grew into adulthood and became introduced to milky, hot, frothy coffee I didn't end my relationship with tea but in fact added in a new relationship with coffee.

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