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Thursday, 11 October 2012

Thursday, October 11, 2012
My husband found me the other night, huddled over my computer, tears streaming down my face, unable to speak. I'd like to say this is an uncommon occurrence, but that would be a lie. I've always been a crier. Becoming a mother has only made things worse by stripping away whatever buffer I may have once had that kept the troubles of the world distant and remote.

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Susan Stiffelman: Ask the Parent Coach: Kids and Embarrassing Questions
Kids are passionate learners, eager to understand the world around them. They've discovered that the best way to make sense of things is to ask!
Jennifer Garner: C- Is Just Not Good Enough for Our Kids
A report card marked with too many C's and D's is not something to boast about. Unfortunately, those are just the kinds of grades America brought home yesterday, earning an overall C- in a new report released by Save the Children and First Focus.
Lawrence Diller, M.D.: Give Me My Adderall!
There's certainly a place for these medications in the treatment of ADD. But I think we've done too good a job of "selling" ADD and Adderall as the answer to many teenagers who are in a normative struggle toward maturity.
Missy Chase Lapine: My Sneaky Solution to the School Lunch Food Fight
Recently, we parents have been informed that our kids have done nothing but struggle every day of the new school year. Surprisingly, the struggle is occurring outside the classroom: It's taking place in the cafeteria, over the revamped, healthier school lunch.
Sarah Albertson-Corkery: The Little C
I did it for a lot of good reasons, but most of all for Lucy. This affects her now too. My surgery is Oct. 10. It's one day before she turns 6. Hopefully, I'll be coming home that day. She said it's okay because I'll probably be bringing her a present, "as long as it's light" she added.

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