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Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Wednesday, October 10, 2012
If you've seen all the weird news graphics and charming Tom Hanks letters the internet has to offer today and you're still on the hunt for something to keep you busy, don't worry.

It's Wednesday, which means we're back with 7 more sites to eat away at the afternoon.

As always, be sure to vote for your favorites and let us know if you come across any awesome time wasters you think we should feature.

WATCH: Welcome To Mister Romney's Neighborhood
WATCH: Letterman's Warning For Mitt Romney
Tom Hanks' Awesome Response To Nerdist Gift
WATCH: After 19 Years, She's Back!
Stewart To Romney: 'Are You A Wizard?'
Barry Levinson: The Age of Insanity - Part 3, Another Report From the Lying Institute of America
"A debate is where truth goes to die." That was the first line out of the mouth of Dr. R.H. Flutes, head of the Lying Institute of America. Following the first debate between Romney and Obama, I decided to visit him once again.
Danny Rubin: 10 Facebook Buttons That Would Be Way Better Than 'Want' and 'Collect'
Forget about 'Want' and 'Collect.' Who needs a second Pinterest, anyway? Here are ten other Facebook buttons that make way more sense:
Floyd Elliot: To My Progressive Friends Who Intend Not to Vote for Obama
Obama and Romney are not equivalent. From way out on the fringes of the left or the right, they might look that way, but to the most vulnerable people in this country, they do not.
Myra Demeter: I Live in a Refrigerator
I live in a refrigerator. Actually, I live in a house with five men -- four of them are my grown sons and one is my husband. They are hot. They are big, strapping men. They need air conditioning -- and they need it blowing hard.
Waldo Mellon: Animal Behavior
Dear Mr. Mellon, I am going to give you ten arguments, among millions, in no particular order, why you are so full of shit when it comes your central theme that a Human Being is just another animal, just another "work in progress" as you so glibly call it.

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