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Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Tuesday, October 2, 2012
One of our favorite reasons to smile this season is the abundance of fresh, colorful and did-we-mention delicious fall produce.

A number of nutritional rock stars from September will remain ripe this month and next -- we're looking at you, apples -- but there are some healthy picks unique to October, too.
To Cook Or Not To Cook Your Vegetables?
The Best Exercise Video Games For Burning Calories
The Right Way To Do This Move At The Gym
A Surprising Benefit Of Cherries
Denise Scarbro: Time Crunch? 4 Ways To Manage Your Day
Our to-do lists may not always be as carefree as a game chasing bubbles, but it certainly does not have to overwhelm us if we know how to approach things. There are four things we need to do to keep this game running smoothly.
David Katz, M.D.: What Is Health For?
Health readily takes on moral overtones. Those who have it can seem bossy, or boastful, or self-righteous. All of this goes away, I think, when we recognize that health is just a currency. Like any other, it takes some work to acquire it -- but when you do, you can spend it as you see fit.
Rick Hanson, Ph.D.: 5 Strategies To Cling Less And Love More
Clinging is different from healthy desire, where we have wholesome values, aims, purposes, aspiration, and commitments -- without being attached to the results.
Jeff Halevy: The Key To Limitless Exercise Success
While most of the world is talking about limiting Iran's development of nuclear capabilities or limiting how much longer the NFL's replacement refs will officiate, the last thing you'd want to do is limit yourself -- namely your gym routine -- in some way, right? Maybe not.

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