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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Wednesday, October 3, 2012
Fred Noe is the great- grandson of the legendary distiller Jim Beam as well as Beam Inc.'s Global Bourbon Ambassador and Master Distiller. He is the seventh-generation distilling Beam and author of the recently published memoir, "Beam, Straight Up."

PHOTOS: America's 'Great' Streets
Woman Offers Vodka Swigs At Airport Security
J.K. Rowling Headed To Space?
The World's Smallest Hotel Rooms
Best Dive Bars Across America
Margie Goldsmith: A Bull Of A Time In Durham
I've come to Durham for the Annual Bull Durham Blues Festival, being held at the same ballpark where they filmed Bull Durham, but right now I'm learing about Southern cooking.
Fodor's: Where To Eat In Boulder, Colorado
Sure, you won't have any trouble finding a pair of Crocs in Boulder (they were invented here) or Phish-loving, mountain-hugging locals, but a good restaurant is a different story. Plenty of great eats abound and whittling them down to the five best is actually a challenging endeavor.
Gerald Eskenazi: Who Knew Russia Was So Cool?
I grew up in the Cold War and Russia was the Red Menace. So I was surprised that, on my first day in St. Petersburg, a young man and his girlfriend, perfect strangers, searched their iPhone for an address I wanted, and then walked us there.
Liftopia: 5 Favorite Mountain Breweries And Distilleries
There is nothing finer after a long day of riding or skiing than a cold beer or a fine cocktail. Even better is something handcrafted with care and love right there next to the mountain.
Mike DeSimone and Jeff Jenssen: Sonoma, California: Farm To Table And Grape To Glass
Wine travel is always a voyage of discovery; as much as we like to plan our trips, we sometimes like to ditch the agenda and find out the secrets that a region has to offer. A recent trip to California's Sonoma County gave us everything we have come to expect from wine country: Beautiful vistas of rolling hills covered with grapevines, hand-crafted meals cooked with precision, and glass upon glass of exquisitely made wines.

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