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Monday, 8 October 2012

Monday, October 8, 2012
MOORHEAD, Miss. — JeMira Nichols entered kindergarten in this sleepy Delta town way ahead of her classmates. She knew colors, letters and numbers. She spoke in full sentences. She could discuss books comfortably.

Until she started school in August, JeMira spent nine hours each week day at Little Angels Day Care, a well-equipped one-story center that participates in a largely privately funded school-readiness program called Mississippi Building Blocks.
High School Counselor Fired Over Racy Photo Past
Priorities USA Action Attacks Romney Over Planned Education Cuts
Pro-Reformers Want To Pull Union Ad Shot At Elementary School
Chicago Aldermen Want Hearings, Details On Rumored School Closings
More Campuses Freeze Or Cut Tuition As Backlash Continues
Nancy Berk, Ph.D.: College Prep for Preschoolers?
I received an email about a college prep lecture for parents and children. It had a bold title like "College Prep From K thru 12: It's Never To (sic) Early To Start". Besides the fear factor, I was also struck by the typo, but that's another story.
Michael_Levin: What Your Kids Are Really Doing Online
You couldn't get the average kid to stand up in front of an audience and talk about his or her favorite topic. But allow that same kid the privacy of his or her living room, the use of a camera and the opportunity to upload an instructional video on any given topic, and you've got solid gold.
Malcom Glenn: With Few Political Points to Gain, Candidates Duck Education Conversation
Including the vice presidential debates, there are still three more chances left for the candidates to truly engage in the most important issue before us--to give it more than a passing reference or two in the midst of the partisan back-and-forth.
Rev. Al Sharpton: 50 Years of Progress Should Not Be Erased With One Ruling
We cannot allow 50 years of progress since the day James Meredith enrolled in the University of Mississippi to be erased with one ruling. Far too much is at stake for us to remain silent.
Shane J. Lopez, Ph.D.: Why We Should Care What Students Think
Not asking students for their opinions is a missed opportunity, because no one knows better about how school is going than its target audience -- the students themselves.

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