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Thursday, 4 October 2012

Thursday, October 4, 2012
A growing body of evidence suggests that it has become harder for low-income households to put a roof over their heads.
How Many People On Facebook?
U.S. Anti-Tax Icon Works To Stop New U.S.-Canada Bridge
Quebec On EU Free Trade Deal: Not So Fast
Greek Protests Turn Weird With Baby Swap
Chelsea Clinton On Her Wall Street Job: 'I Didn't Get Any Meaning From It'
Richard Leblanc: The Recipe for Contaminated Beef? Shoddy Governance
The management of XL Foods Inc., which has been in the news for causing the biggest beef recall in Canadian history, has not figured out the most important issue is how the company governs food safety. Neither XL foods or its parent company appear to have any independent directors, who are essential to ensuring internal management does not cut corners. No one likes to be controlled, least of which entrepreneurial employees. However, ask yourself if defective internal controls are worth the price, in terms of reputation and financial loss. It can indeed be a run on the bank if consumers don't have confidence, and it can get worse unless governance checks are put in place.
Colleen Westendorf: Mark's Work Wearhouse: Sexism Isn't "Welcoming" to Women
In an attempt to change customer perceptions, Mark's Work Wearhouse has launched a campaign hinging on the slogan "Now Welcoming Women" (I'm eternally grateful that now I can purchase my own clothing, and maybe even pants! Thank you Mark's!), when they could have chosen a more neutral "new women's lines" or "more women's clothing than ever!"
Michelle McQuaid: Work Help: 8 Reasons To Tell Your Boss To F*** Themselves
Have you ever wanted to say this to a boss? With three out of every four people reporting their boss is the most stressful part of their job - turns out there's plenty of reasons to think about saying it!
Connie Dieken: The Successful Executive Apology: Learning From Apple CEO Tim Cook
We're all prone to messing up from time to time. Hopefully your transgression won't be as public as Apple's. But if it is, you'll tackle it head-on with honesty and grace.
Michael Marx: Big Oil Pleads Immunity From Prosecution for Human Rights Crimes
Only two years after the Supreme Court's Citizens United decision, Shell is asking the same judges to accept that corporations are immune from prosecution for human rights violations because they are not people under the law.

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