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Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Wednesday, October 10, 2012
A French maid, a promiscuous husband, and an angry wife -- the first arsenic poisoning patient that Dr. Michael Harbut saw in his Michigan practice was, in his words, the victim of a "classic love triangle."
U.S. Regulators Struggle To Police Shale Energy Boom
September Bookends The Warmest 12 Months To Date
Australia's Largest Solar Farm Opens Amid Renewable Target Debate
Why Antarctic Sea Ice Matters
Costa Rica Bans Shark Finning
Nathan Currier: Saving the Arctic Ice: Greenpeace, Greenwashing and Geoengineering (#1)
That's right: the volume of arctic sea ice this September minimum was probably about half of what it was, just back in 2007. This figure should deeply trouble any reasonable human being.
Victoria Principal: Help Stop the Assault on Whales and Dolphins With Just Your Facebook Photo
As an adult, I feel a responsibility to do all I can to help protect ocean wildlife from environmental risks industries -- like the latest threat posed by oil companies dead set on seismic testing in the Atlantic Ocean.
Matt Wasson: Big Coal Wins Latest Battle to Blast Historic Blair Mountain
Is nothing sacred to coal companies in Appalachia?
Terry Newell: Corporations and Accountability: Fostering Responsibility at the Top
We use a market response -- a fine -- to address a moral wrong. We focus on the corporation rather than the individuals responsible, acting as if we can permissibly separate the wrong from human agency.
Lawrence E. Joseph: Secret Warning From the Sun
Recent research indicates that the sun has secretly been sending vitally important messages to piles of radioactive medical waste. No joke.

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