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Monday, 1 October 2012

Monday, October 1, 2012
Your paycheck is about to take a dive. The culprit: Payroll tax relief is set expire at the end of the year and Congress is unlikely to extend it, The New York Times reported on Monday.

On average, middle-income families have enjoyed around $1,000 in additional income from the payroll tax cut this year. The temporary tax cut lowered workers' tax rates from 6.2 percent to 4.2 percent on wages up to $110,000. The result was to give Americans a few extra bucks of spending money each month, a move that the government had hoped would stimulate the economy.
AmEx To Issue $85 Million In Refunds
Watchdog: Amtrak Overlooking Dangerous Conditions
Ex-Employee Jailed For Stealing Millions From Customers
Honda Recalls 600,000 Cars
What's So Special About This Gun?
Richard Barrington: Do Swing-State Economic Conditions Favor Obama or Romney?
Are your finances better off now than they were four years ago? If you live in a hotly contested "battleground" state, your answer may have special significance to the presidential race.
Ethan Miller: Banks Don't Need Houses, People Do! Foreclosures and the Financial Crisis
Rev. Vanzant is one of many homeowners and renters in the D.C. area and nationwide being forced out of their homes by big banks. We need to organize and take to the streets to make our voices heard!
Julian Block: Some Financial Tips To Protect Yourself In The Event Of Divorce
There are simple steps that divorcing spouses should take to protect themselves financially.
Debra L. Ness: R U 4 Paid Sick Days?
At a time when more than 40 million hardworking Americans can't earn any paid sick time to use when they get stomach flu or need a medical test -- and millions more can't earn paid sick time to care for an ailing child -- it's a question we all need answered.
Richard (RJ) Eskow: Mitt's 'Harvest' Comments: Typical MBA-Speak ... or an Omen of Alien Invasion?
What does it mean for society when investors increasingly seek to "harvest" a company for a profitable sale? The human cost of these "harvests" is pervasive and terrible. But they're not inevitable, even in this corrupted democracy.

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