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Friday, 12 October 2012

Friday, October 12, 2012
An anti-Muslim American pastor who earned an international reputation after burning copies of the Islamic holy text has been denied entry into Canada hours before he was to speak at a free speech rally in Toronto, organizers said Thursday.
Biden-Ryan Debate: It's All About Joe
B.C. Teen's Torment Ends In Suicide
Nobel Peace Prize Surprise
Fed Up With Your Cellphone Service? The CRTC Wants You
Debate Winner: Martha Raddatz
Nikki Thomas: With Terry Jones, Canada Customs Overstepped Its Bounds
On Thursday, Canada Customs, that wonderfully-democratic institution of unelected bureaucrats, decided that Canadians weren't capable of deciding whether Pastor Terry Jones, whose congregation held a Quran burning in March 2011, was worth listening to. They have a long history of overstepping their authority, and this denial of entry is just another case of censorship at the hands of unelected and unaccountable government officials. By taking the choice away from Canadians to decide what they're capable of hearing and evaluating for themselves, Canada Customs has done our country yet another disservice
John Hudak: Grit Won
Tonight Obama needed a champion, an advocate, and a force that did what he failed to do: show a contrast with Gov. Romney and rekindle the post-DNC enthusiasm. Joe was that force.
Natasha Turner, ND: Six Reasons To Have More Sex
The endorphins released during sexual intercourse and orgasms are natural mood-boosters and stress relievers. Regular sex can also boost your self-esteem and increase intimacy between partners. For those in a monogamous relationship, studies have found that semen does contain several mood-altering hormones that can reduce depression.
Yoni Goldstein: Harper's Not the Only One Taking Cues From God
Harper Conservatives have established religion as a basis from which to establish and alter policy. But I highly suspect the Christian right isn't alone in aspiring to have the power to decide where trangendered people are allowed to pee and poop, and it is most certainly not the only religious sect hell-bent on controlling the abortion debate.
Robert Watson: The Vice Presidential Debate: Five Takeaways
After watching this debate, I can't help but to think: Who are the folks who are still undecided?! After two years of campaigning, well over a billion dollars in spending, countless speeches, and two debates, voters have two dramatically different choices.

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