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Monday, 8 October 2012

Monday, October 8, 2012
Looking to buy a new TV this holiday season? Waiting until Black Friday could be a big mistake.

Data from consumer-price research firm Decide Inc. shows that many of the holiday's most popular gifts -- ranging from flat-screened TVs to stuffed animals -- are not sold at their lowest price on Black Friday. In fact, many items are cheaper at other times during the year.
Walmart's Challenge To Big Banks
Record High Gas Prices Bring Out Thieves
Why Comcast Caused This Woman To Call The Police
Junk Depot Owner Returns $114,000 In Savings Bonds To Owner
McDonald's Workers Suing For Mega Millions
Jonathan Talat Phillips: Waxing 'Sacred Economics' With Charles Eisenstein
While political pundits, financial analysts and Occupiers fumble on how to transcend the intensifying global financial crisis, Eisenstein is trailblazing bold new ideas and possibilities for how we conduct monetary exchange.
Adam Levin: What Mitt Romney and Liar Loans Have in Common (Be Very Afraid)
As I watched Governor Romney in the presidential debate Wednesday night I was reminded of a financial tactic the candidate's political supporters and financial backers on Wall Street used during the mortgage boom -- the one that netted them billions of dollars while simultaneously pushing the American economy off a cliff.
Don McNay: Why Do People Run Through Large Sums of Money Quickly?
At first, I thought that the problem was people getting too much money too quickly. I assumed that controlling the flow of money, such as giving them monthly payments for a lifetime, would keep them in line. It's a little more complicated than that.
Ian Vandewalker: Rules May Change, But the Secret Money Game Remains the Same
Voters deserve to know who is spending tens of millions of dollars to sway their votes. The big spenders trying to control the course of American politics should not be able to manipulate weak disclosure rules to keep their funders secret.
John R. Talbott: The Ethical Investor: Wall Street Ripoff #6 - Telling You That Bonds Are Safer Than Equities
As I said in my last post, when investing clients tell their stockbrokers that they want to minimize their risk to world events, brokers typically suggest that they increase their holdings of bonds and decrease their common stock holdings. In today's world, this is terribly misguided advice.

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