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Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Tuesday, October 2, 2012
To every proud new parent, your bundle of joy already owes more than $13,000. Babies born today arrive in the red when it comes to state debt, a new report says.

According to a study released Tuesday by State Budget Solutions, a nonpartisan group pushing for state budget reform, every American owes $13,425 in state debt on average. For private sector workers who are shouldering much of the tax burden, the amount of debt adds up to well over $37,000 per worker.
Why The Cost of Milk Could Double
This Millionaire Pees In A Bottle To Save Money
How Millionaires Are Getting Unemployment Benefits
Harvard Law Grad Suspected Of Running $100 Million Veteran Scam
Here's What An iPhone 5 Will Really Cost You
Liz Ryan: Five Things LinkedIn Has Forgotten About People
I love LinkedIn as a tool, and I write incessantly about it, but I get frustrated at its social ineptitude.
Richard Barrington: Do Swing-State Economic Conditions Favor Obama or Romney?
Are your finances better off now than they were four years ago? If you live in a hotly contested "battleground" state, your answer may have special significance to the presidential race.
Mark Steber: It's Coming...But Just What is Taxmageddon - The Highlights
Take home pay may be lower beginning January 1, 2013 unless we get some changes to the current expiring tax provisions. Why? Three major areas of change.
Adam Levin: 5 Ways President Romney Would Screw the 47 Percent
Mitt Romney's now-infamous statement, "My job is not to worry about those people," pretty much sums up the Republican nominee's true feelings about who he represents. And if you're in serious debt, it looks like he's talking about you too.
John DeStefano: Scoring the Banks: The Community Impact Record Card as a New Tool for Measuring Bank Performance in Meeting Community Needs
The City of New Haven is announcing the release of its first "Community Impact Report Card," an easy-to-understand system for gauging whether local banks are meeting local needs and serving consumers adequately.

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