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Friday, 12 October 2012

Friday, October 12, 2012
There's only one man who has "more enemies than Todd Akin at a Planned Parenthood rally." That man is Anthony Bourdain. The announcer of The New York Wine & Food Festival's $400 charity event, "On The Chopping Block: A Roast Of Anthony Bourdain," knew how to get the crowd riled up for a night of dick jokes, drug references and jibes at Mario Batali's rotund belly.
Flavored Vodka On The Rise
PHOTOS: Meatball Madness 2012
Snoop Shills For Hot Pockets With Insane New Music Video, '(Hot) Pocket Like It's Hot'
WATCH: The World's Most Expensive Cocktail
Vegetarians Live Longer, Study Finds
Ocean Robbins: Gamechanging News About GMOs
Following an explosive French study indicating a link between Monsanto's controversial genetically engineered corn and cancer, Russian authorities have suspended all imports and use of GMO corn. And it's not just Russia that's appalled by what's been learned.
Wenonah Hauter: A Real Hero in the Chesapeake Bay
Kathy Phillips is standing up to Perdue, a company responsible for a large percentage of the pollution pouring into the Chesapeake Bay and surrounding waterways.
Anneli Rufus: Filet-O-Fancypants: Gourmet Chefs Create Lush Three-Course Feast Entirely from McDonald's Ingredients
White-clad servers cruised the room proffering Chicken McNuggets on trays. They also offered fluffy sweet Canadian-bacon treats on sticks, and fresh lettuce wraps.
Regina Varolli: Highlights From the Savory Side of the International Chefs Congress
The International Chefs Congress continues to educate, inspire, satisfy and push the boundaries of an industry known for its distaste of boundaries.
Vanity Fair: 31-Year-Old Piece of Cake From Princess Diana and Prince Charles's Wedding Is Put on Auction
Disturbing news for anyone averse to one-day-old, let alone 31-year-old, leftovers: a piece of wedding cake preserved from Princess Diana and Prince Charles's 1981 wedding is being auctioned off next month in Beverly Hills.

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