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Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Wednesday, October 10, 2012
Scaredy cats in Peru can rest easy; the annual feline-eating festival is over -- until next year.

Every September, the town of La Quebrada holds a huge celebration to honor Santa Efigenia, a saint especially revered by Peruvians descended from African slaves, according to the Associated Press.

Breakthrough In Canada's Great Maple Syrup Heist
Undocumented Actor Arrested Going To His Film About Being Undocumented
WHAT A BALL BUSTER: Teen Allegedly Twists Cop's Testicles
Woman Accused Of Using Her Zumba Studio For Prostitution
Nick Groff: What Is A Ghost? (EXCERPT)
One lesson Ghost Adventures has taught me is that this stuff is real, and it's a lot more prevalent than I'd previously thought.
Dana Oliver: Dear Justin Theroux, It's Time To Address Your Eyebrows (PHOTOS)
This needs to be fixed before your wedding day!
Lawrence E. Joseph: Secret Warning From the Sun
Recent research indicates that the sun has secretly been sending vitally important messages to piles of radioactive medical waste. No joke.
Tony Phillips: Saving Boobies, Killing Bad Guys -- It's a Win-Win
Only in America, can you take a bright pink .22-caliber handgun to the firing range to show all your buddies that you're an evolved, sensitive citizen who promotes breast cancer awareness and enjoys blowing things to hell and gone.
Gregory Schrempp: Mythology and Science; Or, What Do We Want From Popular Science?
Carl Sagan (Cosmos), citing the origin of everyday chemical elements in stars, concludes that "We are, in the most profound sense, children of the Cosmos." Obviously Sagan is not talking literally, but just as certainly he knows the power of anthropomorphic appeal.

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