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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Wednesday, October 3, 2012
READING, Pa. -- The day before school starts, 8-year-old Tianna wakes up worried. She's worried about the cafeteria food that she receives for free, because usually "it's nasty." She's worried about making friends, since she'll be in a new school. But most of all, she's worried about where all the fired teachers will go.

"When we were at assembly, I learned that people didn't have enough money to let all the teachers come back next year, so they were kicking teachers out," explains Tianna, in a quiet, earnest voice as she bounces up and down on her chair. "There was this one teacher that I really liked, and she's getting kicked out."
Star-Studded 'Won't Back Down' Sets Record For Worst Opening Ever
Online Schools Face Backlash Amid Exploding Popularity
'Operation: Educate The Educator' Aids Teachers, Military Kids
Chicago Teachers Union To Count Ballots On New Contract
New Study Shows Whether Race-Neutral Admissions Can Work
Jeff Selingo: Let's Expand Our Definition of Education After High School
After graduating from high school, he enrolled in Moberly Area Community College, a half-hour south of Macon. Two semesters later, the 28-year-old dropped out. His transcript was filled with A's, but he was bored in his classes.
John Thompson: Frontline's 'Dropout Nation' Shows What It Really Takes to Turn Around Schools
PBS showed a reality that is lost on data-driven "reformers." Social scientists have documented the primary importance of socio-emotional factors and the need to build trust before academics can improve. And that takes patience.
Bettina Elias Siegel: Impoverished, Hungry Students and the New School Food Calorie Caps
Millions of American children live in food insecure homes. School meals are often their only dependable source of food, yet for a variety of reasons they may not be getting all the food that's being made available to them. It's a tragic situation.
Matthew Lynch, Ed.D.: Ask Dr. Lynch: Dealing With a Parent's Death
Children must be allowed to grieve on their own timetable without feeling rushed. At the same time, you can't allow the student to use their parents' death as a crutch or an excuse.
Rui Dai: Women in Science
Walk through any hospital, and in all probability, the majority of physicians honored on wooden panels will be men. When we think of scientists or physicians, we do not picture in our minds a woman, but instead the stereotypical white male.

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