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Thursday, 11 October 2012

Thursday, October 11, 2012
A Montreal police officer already at the centre of an excessive force controversy has been caught on tape in another incident that is raising questions about her conduct.
Border Deal Aims To Kill Screening That Sparked Beef Recall
His Challenge: Go Big, Or Go Home
Turkey Intercepts Syrian Plane
DEET Didn't Kill Them: Coroner
Tories Silent In Spy Fiasco
Steve E. Anderson: The People Putting Internet Freedom at Risk
As the International Telecommunication Union's negotiations move closer, more worrying developments are coming to light. At Openmedia we recently posted about some of the main concerns raised by the secretive negotiations, which threaten to change the Internet as we know it. A recent report highlights concerns that the proposals are particularly harmful to the developing world because accessing Internet content will become more expensive. Some content providers might choose to simply stop servicing regions with customers that have limited buying power. It's the role users play in Internet governance, not governments and big telecom conglomerates, that should be expanded.
Noelle R. Andrews: Reflections On Marriage To A Psychopath
He was enigmatic, charismatic and handsome. He was the romantic man I had waited my whole life to meet. I fell madly and hopelessly in love with him. In the end, the relationship almost destroyed me.
Diane Francis: How the Nexen Deal Could Dent Our Pipeline
If the CNOOC/Nexen approval is given, before the Keystone pipeline is approved, a new set of questions for the Americans will be opened up. Letting China Inc. have special access could give President Obama a reason not to approve Keystone, and could also Romney, if he wins, a reason to consider not approving the line as he has pledged to do on Day One.
Douglas Anthony Cooper: Wikipedia Cuts on the Bias
I admire Wikipedia -- always have -- but how do the official gardeners at Wikipedia respond when they have a snake in their grass? In my case, a biased commenter is still an editor in good standing, but the people who pointed out his fraudulence have been mostly banned.
Minnow Hamilton: Savvy Items for Your Medicine Cabinet
The worst part about cold and flu season? That midnight run to the pharmacy that's made even worse with the onset of decision paralysis. So many does one choose? Start with this list of 24 Things You Should Have in Your Medicine Cabinet. Stock up and be prepared. Trust us.

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