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Friday, 12 October 2012

Friday, October 12, 2012
Canada's Senate is supposed to be a house of "sober second thought," but as far as Liberal senator, retired general and widely -decorated war hero Roméo Dallaire is concerned, when it comes to foreign policy Prime Minister Stephen Harper isn't giving either part of Parliament a second thought at all.
Why Harper's Got Them Beat
LOOK: Canadian Politicians Born In The U.S.
Harper Sidesteps Hypocrisy Charge On African Trip
Relief Is In Sight
B.C. Premier's Reaction To Bullying Death
Yoni Goldstein: Harper's Not the Only One Taking Cues From God
Harper Conservatives have established religion as a basis from which to establish and alter policy. But I highly suspect the Christian right isn't alone in aspiring to have the power to decide where trangendered people are allowed to pee and poop, and it is most certainly not the only religious sect hell-bent on controlling the abortion debate.
Keith Beardsley: Trudeau Should Be Challenged, Not Crowned
One can certainly understand why Trudeau and his supporters might prefer a coronation to a true leadership contest. Leadership races can be brutal and very costly in time, effort and money. With a coronation Trudeau will have the added bonus of not having to present a lot of policy options Everyone likes to win, but Trudeau should welcome a tough leadership race and that is what his talk points should be saying. Should he win such a political challenge, then he will have put to rest the whispers that he is a policy light weight, or just a pretty face or just living on his father's name.
Nikki Thomas: With Terry Jones, Canada Customs Overstepped Its Bounds
On Thursday, Canada Customs, that wonderfully-democratic institution of unelected bureaucrats, decided that Canadians weren't capable of deciding whether Pastor Terry Jones, whose congregation held a Quran burning in March 2011, was worth listening to. They have a long history of overstepping their authority, and this denial of entry is just another case of censorship at the hands of unelected and unaccountable government officials. By taking the choice away from Canadians to decide what they're capable of hearing and evaluating for themselves, Canada Customs has done our country yet another disservice
Andrew Cooper: Great Nations Don't Share Embassies, Harper
Canada has long been a country with a high degree of sensitively -- and astuteness -- about status in the world. The sharing of some embassy services between Canada and the U.K. has already received a lot of attention. In geo-political hierarchical terms, the main risk of Canada cutting rather than building diplomatic infrastructure is that it plays to an image of decline that is contrary to the desire of the Harper government. An agreement with the U.K. then risks displaying not strength but a double image of weakness.
Rachel Décoste: Some Myths About Equality in Canada
Misinformation about Canada's evolving demographics is all too common in the national media and it usually goes unchallenged. There are many myths perpetuated in the national dialogue (like "hockey is Canada's #1 sport," and "Canada respects the environment"). In an age where Canada's multicultural fabric is bafflingly unnoticeable in the upper echelons of influence, we have a long way to go to achieve the dream of an equal and just society.

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