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Monday, 1 October 2012

Monday, October 1, 2012
SANAA, Oct 1 (Reuters) - Seven months after he reluctantly handed over the presidency, Ali Abdullah Saleh's continuing sway over Yemen is worrying Gulf neighbours and Western nations who fear that the political transition could descend into chaos.
U.S. Dead in Afghanistan Passes 2,000 As Long-Term Costs Of War Remain Unknown
$200,000 Offered For Anti-Islam Filmmaker's Death
16 Stomach-Churning Brushes With Death
Domestic Terrorist Recruiting?
Suicide Bomber Kills 3 NATO Troops
Medea Benjamin: Americans Take Anti-Drone Stance Directly to Pakistan
When it comes to drones, Americans and Pakistanis see the world through different lenses. Americans are looking through the eyes of remote-control pilots safely ensconced in bases in the United States, while Pakistanis are at the receiving end of the bull's eye.
Rajan Menon: Austerity Has Failed in Europe, but What's Next?
To many Europeans, pronouncements that a monetary union without a fiscal counterpart could only have ended in a train wreck smack of an "I told you so" smugness. There's a bigger problem with this conceited view.
Steven Strauss: Bibi, Be Quiet -- You're Undermining U.S. Support for Israel
Confrontation with the Obama administration helps Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu (Bibi) manage his political base, but it's bad for Israel's national interest.
Nada Bakos: Attack in Libya Represents Subtle But Meaningul Shift in Threat to American Interests
The recent attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi likely represents a subtle but meaningful shift in the extremist threat to American interests. Withdrawing from the world is every bit as implausible as treating every militia as if it is al Qaeda.
Yoani Sanchez: Really? Cubans Never Joke About the Revolution?
With popular jokes, it's better not to get involved, or to try to restrict them. Because they can fight back with a barrage of ridicule, a flood of humor.

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