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Thursday, 11 October 2012

Thursday, October 11, 2012
What gets women hot?

Most of us do not analyze what exactly turns us on; arousal just seems to happen. It can appear at the strangest of times, coming upon us with the most unsuitable partners or taboo acts. Or arousal can be more predictable, with the heat coming from a favorite alluring sex scene in a movie or book.
At Last, A Book On Women In Comedy
WATCH: Why You Should Date Someone Younger
Epic Claire Danes Cry-Face-Off: Your Vote Counts!
'The League' Actress Reveals Her Secret Fantasy
6 Surprising Signs You Need More Sleep
Desmond Tutu: A Promise to Girls
Today is the first-ever International Day of the Girl. This is a day to celebrate the fact that it is girls who will change the world; that the empowerment of girls holds the key to development and security for families, communities and societies worldwide.
Marlo Thomas: How To Survive Your Next Mammogram
Cancer is a very serious matter, and mammograms can save lives. But really, is there any medical procedure that conjures up such a mixed bag of emotions -- dread, fear, resignation and even embarrassment?
Elizabeth Perle: Where Are All the Female 'Talking Heads'?
I attended a panel at the Women's Economic forum this afternoon, which was meant to cover the topic "stereotypes of women in the media." The conversation, however, quickly shifted its focus to a more frightening and urgent question: Where are all the women in media?
Freida Pinto: Celebrating the International Day of the Girl
Resources, leadership and long-term commitments are necessary to close persistent gender gaps and improve the rights and well-being of millions of girls around the world.
Melanie Notkin: How to Date Like a Mad Woman
If you want to date a man, be a woman. Be a strong, confident woman, but be a woman.

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