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Friday, 5 October 2012

Friday, October 5, 2012
EL PASO, Texas -- A former superintendent is scheduled to be sentenced Friday for his part in a scheme to fraudulently improve high-stakes school testing scores in the El Paso Independent School District by getting rid of students likely to fail.

Lorenzo Garcia pleaded guilty in federal court in June to two counts of fraud and faces up to 3 1/2 years in prison.
Teachers, Administrators Charged In New Jersey High School Sex Scandal
School Bus Plunges From Texas Overpass, 4 Hurt
Private College Tuition Growth Slows: NAICU Survey
Celebrated Astrophysicist Rips Romney For PBS, Big Bird Remarks
What Will It Take To Improve School Readiness In Mississippi?
Rev. Al Sharpton: 50 Years of Progress Should Not Be Erased With One Ruling
We cannot allow 50 years of progress since the day James Meredith enrolled in the University of Mississippi to be erased with one ruling. Far too much is at stake for us to remain silent.
Rob Watson: A Gay Dad Sound Off on Bullying Prevention Awareness Month and Rescuing Bullied Teens
I am calling for the formation of groups of "Rainbow Berets" within schools. These would be concerned peer groups that would stand up to the circumstances that inspire bullying. They would be visible in their schools and would serve as safe confidants.
Michaela Pommells: Education Reform Is Impossible Without Addressing Racism
I'm tired of talking about education reform. Tired of yapping with other "reformers" who are trying to figure it all out. I'm done. I'm throwing in the towel. But this doesn't mean I will let my lips turn blue from silence; I'm taking my rant to the picket lines.
Rob Furman: Unions: Good or Bad for Education?
If we, as a society, valued teachers and what they do, they would be compensated justly for their value. Administrators would treat their teachers as a valued commodity in their community.
Nancy Rappaport: A Mindful Approach to Parent Conflict
In my 20 years of working with schools, I have discovered several steps that school officials can take to deescalate potential confrontations when parents come in breathing fire. I have seen patterns of communication that are troubling, but not too hard to fix.

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