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Thursday, 11 October 2012

Thursday, October 11, 2012
The U.S. federal government has been fighting foodborne illness for a century, ever since Upton Sinclair terrified the country with The Jungle, his expose of the Chicago meatpacking industry. Many think these measures have been successful. House Republicans, for example, recently voted to cut the FDA's budget for food safety, using the argument that our food system is "99 percent safe."
Millions Of Kellogg's Mini-Wheats Cereal Recalled
Wendy's Pigtails Get First Touch-Up Since 1983
Starbucks Ditches Tables And Chairs For Tiny New Green Concept
North America No Longer Safe From Hot Dog Stuffed Crust Pizza
Restaurants Consider Charging More For Tables During Peak Hours
Brendan Smith: Farming the Urban Sea
The best news is that these farms do more than grow food: In every sense, they restore rather than deplete. Matched up against land-based farming, these new ocean farms win every time.
Foodbeast: Celebrate Halloween? You'll Probably Spend About $24 On Candy
This year, seven out of 10 Americans will be celebrating Halloween, and they will, on average, spend nearly $80 bucks in honor of the holiday. Of that spending, which includes costumes, decorations and greeting cards, it's estimated that $24.25 of that total will go to candy sales.
Mark Chiusano: A Nice Place on the Other Side of the Street
Recently, travelling through Spain, my girlfriend and I ended up in Barcelona. This was at the beginning of another wave of anti-austerity protests.
Laura Zigman: 'I Did The 'Guacamole Math' Using 'Whole Foods Math'!'
Need a way to justify your Prepared-Foods-Buying-Habit? Just use 'Guacamole Math" and/or "Whole Foods Math" and buy as much prepared food as you want! You'll save money and even make money!
Party Earth: Top Shelf American Bars on a Budget
Not every night calls for suits or stilettos. Sometimes it's nice to drop the pomp and circumstance and get seriously sloshed without busting your budget. Here are some of our favorite U.S. drinking dens.

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