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Thursday, 4 October 2012

Thursday, October 4, 2012
History has been made today in the boxing world, as featherweight boxer Orlando Cruz has come out as a "proud gay man."
Pink Opens Up About Sexuality
LOOK: Incredible Photos Of LGBT History From The Last 60 Years
42 Years Later, Man Still Haunted By Gay Slur In Yearbook
Texas Gay Couple Find 'Leave Or Die Fags' Spraypainted On Porch
Student Claims "Gay Cure" Worked On Him, Sues California
Isoul Harris: Lee Daniels Talks The Paperboy, Naked Zac Efron, and Being a Black, Gay Director
Lee Daniels stunned the world with the 2009 film Precious, even snagging an Oscar nomination for Best Director. The openly gay 52-year-old is back with The Paperboy, an equally dark tale set in the southern Florida swamps.
Jim Buzinski: Boxer Orlando Cruz Coming Out as Gay Is Awesome, But It Won't Lead to a Flood of Out Athletes
What Cruz did is awesome, and he will be a role model; every athlete who comes out is. But this doesn't mean we will see a parade of fighters (or other athletes) coming out. It doesn't work that way. For anyone, coming out is an intensely personal decision.
Holly Robinson: The One Political Stand My Fox News Mom and I Can Take Together
My mom is a staunch Republican, a Fox News junkie and the widow of a Navy commander. I have always voted the liberal ticket; I'm an NPR listener. But when Obama became the first president to declare his support for same-sex marriage, Mom shocked me silly.
Irene Monroe: A Month to Begin Anti-Bullying
Anti-gay bullying truncates a child's academic ability to excel. And the cost, while immediately about the child, is an equally greater cost to us as a society down the road. Anti-gay bullying is not to be endured or tolerated. It must be stopped by us all.
Scout, Ph.D.: It's Time to Ask Our Friends and Family for LGBT Equality
Long ago I heard a group of national pollsters give their verdict on the most effective strategy to turn out LGBT-supportive voters: People came out to vote for our rights when an LGBT friend or family member personally asked them. So let's ask.

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