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Monday, 1 October 2012

Monday, October 1, 2012
Unionized workers at Chrysler's Ontario plants voted to accept a new contract on Sunday, marking the Canadian Auto Workers' successful negotiation of fresh agreements with all the three big U.S. automakers.
Global Trade Grinds To A Halt
Protesters Demand Wealth Tax
Rogers Suffers Huge Web, Wireless Outage
Cyber Attacks On Canadian Firms Could Be Coming From China
Overpriced Products: 20 Most Insane Markups
Wade Davis: Tsunami of Industrial Development Threatens B.C.'s Sacred Headwaters
This is not a story of Tibet or the Amazon. It is a story of my own backyard, a land known to the Tahltan people and all the First Nations of British Columbia as the Sacred Headwaters. Through time, isolation has been the area's saving grace; now this very isolation could be its doom.
Tim Knight: Watching the Watchdog: The Globe Put Itself Before Readers
Margaret Wente, award-winning three-times-a-week columnist at the Globe and Mail is accused in the blog Media Culpa of serial plagiarism. Seems she's been exceeding sloppy in attributing sources which is a journalistic sin. It's clear to me that all three Globe journalists put their own interests and the interests of their employer before the interests of the people, their readers.
Al Norman: Wal-Mart in Libya? Don't Bet Your Hog Futures On It
No one in the Middle East is clamoring for Wal-Mart intervention. Bill Clinton's unsolicited offer of a big box store in Libya was as culturally tone deaf as offering a Muslim a pork chop.
Erika Lust: What Sex Sells to Women?
I don't believe any single person can say what women want, but I can say with certainty that women do want. And the sooner society, media and business realize that this is the case, that men aren't the only sexual beings, the sooner we'll have greater variety to choose from and representations that reflect us.
Larry Magid: Why Facebook and YouTube Should Err on the Side of Free Speech
They do have a right to set limits that exceed speech rules in democratic countries like the U.S. but they also have a solemn responsibility to take their roles seriously and not arbitrarily censor content unless it clearly violates their stated guidelines.

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