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Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Tuesday, October 9, 2012
Hell hath no fury like a Goldman scorned.

In 2008, the notorious investment bank counted among the top donors working to elect President Obama, but the relationship has since turned sour. Goldman employees are throwing their weight behind Republican nominee Mitt Romney this election cycle, donating some $1.8 million to elect Romney, including both contributions to SuperPACs supporting the Republican candidate and direct contributions to his campaign, The Wall Street Journal reports.
U.S. Sues Wells Fargo
Super-Rich CEO To Workers: Vote For Obama At Your Own Risk
Feeling Stimulated Yet?
CEO's Pro-Romney Coercion Could End Up Rocking Company To Its Core
Sir Martin Sorrell: A Week in the Delta
As the world economy tightens as a whole and a re-elected or new President of the USA has to grapple with the $16 trillion US debt load with a likely deadlocked Congress, finding the growth pockets across the globe becomes even more important. Each year we bring our top 100 or so together for our annual strategy meeting, as we revise our three-year rolling business plans and then prepare our annual budgets in October and November.
Dean Baker: Social Security: President Obama's Biggest Failure in Last Week's Debate
President Obama had a bad night when he faced Governor Romney in Denver for the first presidential debate. However, for many listeners the worst moment was when he quite clearly told the country that there was not much difference between his position on Social Security and Governor Romney's.
Olivier Blanchard: Global Economy: Some Bad News and Some Hope
The world economic recovery continues, but it has weakened further. In advanced countries, growth is now too low to make a substantial dent in unemployment. And in major emerging countries, growth that had been strong earlier has also decreased.
Erica Nicole: CEO Talk: Before You Handout Your Business Card, Read This
Great business relationships are built upon mutual respect and the fulfillment of a need. If you know the value you bring the table you're less likely to beg for a sale and more selective about who receives your business card.
Edward Burger: Engineering Opportunity: Applying Effective Thinking
There is no quick, shot-in-the-arm with which we can inoculate ourselves to have our problems clear up. We have to change by embracing habits that will make us think more effectively.

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