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Monday, 1 October 2012

Monday, October 1, 2012
Hackers breached an unclassified computer network used by the White House, but did not appear to have stolen any data, a White House official said Monday.

The hackers breached the network by using a technique known as spear phishing, in which they target victims who have access to sensitive computer networks by sending personalized emails that appear to come from trusted sources. Once the victims click on the bogus attachment or link, the hackers can install malicious software on the PCs to spy on users and steal data.
How To Fix The Bug Affecting iPhone 5s From Verizon
9 Things We Miss Most About CDs
Facebook's Latest Plea To Advertisers
Ex-NASA/Apple Engineers Came Together To Make This
John Pavley: iPhone 5: It's Morning in Technology Land
While the iPhone 5 release is a devastating flub for Apple it's a fantastic opportunity for the rest of us.
Bill Destler: Why Electric Cars Are Our Future
Here are a few of the reasons that I have learned that lead me to believe that within 50 years a majority of our cars will be equipped with electric drivetrains.
Jay Acunzo: How to Create Conversation and Follower Responses
In a social, public world, conversations can connect consumers to each other and spill over into each of their social graphs, thus spreading the brand's message.
David J. Kappos: Patents for Humanity
To be sure, significant challenges remain. There is no one-shot (or one-click) panacea to the world's patent issues. But what is frequently lost in the public discussion is that tremendous positive changes are already underway.
Suresh Balaji: The Stream Series 2012: Returning to a Childlike State of Mind
WPP Stream was about learning about what inspired others and finding inspiration for yourself. Many a new idea premiered in those two days. These eccentric ideas at Xstream will soon become part of the mainstream.

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