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Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Wednesday, October 10, 2012
As I admired the pink gold 1930s Rolex that Paolo fastened around my wrist, I recalled how my father proposed to my mother with an art deco watch instead of a diamond solitaire. Years after their divorce, I remembered their engagement watch and wondered if it was the reason I only wore men's timepieces and if it had predetermined my romantic fate.
7 Ridiculous Things We Can Probably Expect To See At JWoww's Wedding
Kim Is Already Planning Her Wedding To Kanye
Hana Abaza: Why You're Missing The Point Of Your Wedding Registry
Let's face it; people are judgmental, especially when it comes to your wedding. If you're in the midst of wedding planning everything you do (or don't do) is under scrutiny.
Women & Co: How Wedding Insurance Can Save Your Big Day
With so much money spent on the big day, and so many deposits paid in advance -- to book the hall, the band, the caterer, etc. -- disruptions such as poor weather and other malfunctions can throw a very costly monkey wrench into the works.

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