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Thursday, 11 October 2012

Thursday, October 11, 2012
For those of you love to count every little calorie, you may want to look at the bigger picture.

If your daily food and drink consumption consists of salty potato chips or a can of pop, you may be adding 54,750 calories per year to your diet. And if you look at that total number — it's not doing any favours to your health.

Is It Ethical To Charge For Parking At Hospitals?
When Exactly Does Alcohol Hurt You — And When Does It Help You?
Products With Peanut Butter Recalled In Canada
Who Knew There Were So Many Delicious Things You Can Do With Candy Corn?
Here's How Long It Takes Americans To Earn A Beer
Minnow Hamilton: Savvy Items for Your Medicine Cabinet
The worst part about cold and flu season? That midnight run to the pharmacy that's made even worse with the onset of decision paralysis. So many does one choose? Start with this list of 24 Things You Should Have in Your Medicine Cabinet. Stock up and be prepared. Trust us.
Sheri H.: 'The Bachelor Canada' Episode 2 Recap: True Love Brought To You By...
This episode opened not with Brad readying himself to sink his teeth into bachelorhood, but with an uncomfortable abundance of product placement and overt sponsorship .
Anne Day: The Surprising Benefits of Living With Cancer
It's Breast Cancer Awareness Month and as a survivor, I wouldn't go so far as to say I want to celebrate having had breast cancer, but it has made a positive difference in my life. I have learned several lessons through this experience that I'd like to share because as I intimated at the beginning, it is not all bad and in business terminology, there are features and benefits. The features are the treatment options but here are some benefits.
Amanda Garbutt: Step Aside Strawberries, it's Pear Season
As the season rapidly changes, we have to say farewell to both warm days and the beloved seasonal fruits that go along with them. Goodbye, juicy watermelon. So long, luscious strawberries. But chin up fruit lovers, there's a new star in town! Pears! The deliciously fresh and lightly sweet quality of pears can be enjoyed in countless recipes and served in the comfort of your own home this fall season.
Laurie Berkner: Balancing Work and Motherhood
I spent all that time getting ready for birth / And I think of my good friend, who said, / "Remember Laurie, this is just the curtain rising, / The real show is what lies ahead."

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