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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Wednesday, October 3, 2012
TEHRAN, Iran -- Police threatened merchants who closed their shops in Tehran's main bazaar and launched crackdowns on sidewalk money changers on Wednesday as part of a push to halt the plunge of Iran's currency, which has shed more than a third its value in less than a week.
U.S. Military Unable to Defeat Afghan IEDS, Insider Attacks
Police Allegedly Rape Woman, Charge Her With Violating Modesty Laws
Italian Man Protests On Top Of St. Peter's Dome
Human Errors In Hong Kong Ferry Crash Cause Outrage
Radical Islamists Execute Man In Public
David J. Kramer: Human Rights Priorities for the Next U.S. President
The United States should review its relations with all authoritarian regimes to give human rights greater attention. While it may cooperate with them on counter-terrorism and other shared interests, it cannot turn a blind eye to the abuses these regimes commit.
Evelyn Leopold: Tanzania Aims to Save Women in Childbirth but Talks Little of Contraception and Safe Abortion
The good news is that Tanzania has launched an innovative program to prevent mothers from dying in child birth. The bad news is that 23 women still die every day from birth-related complications.
Bernard-Henri Lévy: Money, Qatar and the Republic
Would it be impertinent, then, to demand a few political conditions before validating this investment? Not, of course, the miraculous transformation of Qatar into a democracy which, as everyone knows, cannot be built in a day.
Jeffrey Laurenti: Obama in the U.N. Den
Fully 85 percent of Obama's speech was devoted to political crises across the Muslim world, from ambassador Chris Stevens' death to the Arab uprisings to Syria to Israel-Palestine and Iran, with even a passing sentence about Afghanistan.
Monica Gutierrez: Spring in the Desert: Crisis in Mali

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