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Friday, 5 October 2012

Friday, October 5, 2012
Adele's song for Skyfall was leaked, at least a little bit, earlier this week.
X FACTOR: 'My Songs Are About An Older Woman'
CHARMING: Bond Girl Britt Reveals Her Favourite 007, And Why
STRICTLY REHEARSALS: Denise Gets Serious, Louis Gets Single
INTERVIEW: Guess What Lucy Davis Has In Common With Elvis...
TV REVIEW: Hunted - Melissa George Is Special Agent Pout
Binky Felstead: When Did it Become a Crime to be Well Brought Up?
Made in Chelsea's premise is simple; it follows the lives of several young 'socialites'. It's glamorous, diverting and, hopefully, a bit of fun for viewers. So I'm always slightly taken aback when I learn, usually from TV critics and commentators, that in fact, rather than appearing in innocuous, distracting, light entertainment, I'm actually engaging in bloody class warfare. Pass me a helmet. When did it become a crime to be well brought up in financial comfortable circumstances and be lucky enough to attend a good school or university? Here, in modern Britain, apparently.
Caroline Frost: Memo To Wales - What Did You Expect From Reality TV?
While Wales may be famous for its choirs, its hills, sheep, beacons, rugby teams, the powers that MTV be have strangely chosen to concentrate instead on glamour model Lateysha - "this body is wasted in the Valleys" - bricklayer Chidgey - "you can't shag a personality" - and Nicole - "I'd do anything to be brainy." Welsh reps are complaining that this isn't representative.
Dean Midas Maynard: X Factor Finalists Review
So here we are. The competition is really hotting up now. The finalists have been chosen. Who will do well, who will fail, but most importantly who will reach the X Factor Final? Here are my own personal views on the final 12.
Marlo Thomas: Fifty Shades of Success - Behind the (Sex) Scenes With E.L. James
Three books at the top of the bestseller list, all at the same time? Who is this woman? So when I sat down with E. L. James for an exclusive interview, I had a lot of questions about the book, the bondage and the inspiration behind the global phenomenon.
Danny Myers: Turn Off Your Mind and Float Upstream - 50 Years on From 'Love Me Do' Can We Listen to The Beatles Objectively?
If you can clear your head, you'll hear that 'Love Me Do' is tight and tidy enough but unremarkable, maybe even a little dull. Of course, it's now associated with four sweating Beatles thrashing away in The Cavern, unaware of what was about to hit them. As such 'Love Me Do' is a great 'once upon a time' but it is not a great song.

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