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Friday, 5 October 2012

Friday, October 5, 2012
Statistics Canada says the economy added a surprisingly strong 52,100 jobs in September in one of the healthiest monthly employment performances of the year.
U.S. Lobbyists Want CanCon Gone
Walmart Workers Go On Strike For First Time Ever
Billionaires Know Where They're Not Wanted
TransCanada Plans 'Unprecedented' $65-Billion Pipeline
Mulroney: My Free Trade Deal Created 'Millions' Of Jobs
Her Campus: 10 Things You Should Never Write On Your LinkedIn Profile
LinkedIn is a bit of a different story. If a potential employer sees something cringe-worthy on your profile, well, you may have just lost a job opportunity.
Iqbal Brainch: The Soul of Apple
It doesn't hurt that the company has perfected the recipe for insanely great products. I was hopeful that the soul of Apple would persevere despite the loss of Jobs. A year later, and I'm not so sure.
Aviva Rubin: Does Marissa Mayer's Micro Maternity Leave Make Her a Bad Mom?
Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo Inc. will be back at work a week or two after the birth of her son. Is she a bad mother? I'm guessing the only people not spewing forth on this topic are those who are working two or three jobs and don't have the privilege of leisure or maternity leave. All of these mothering debates we've been having are not equity-focused. They are who's-the-better-mommy-focused. If Marissa Mayer wants to go back to work this week (I'm guessing she's given it a little thought); If I want to stay home and breastfeed for six years -- who are you to judge me? Neither of us is wrong.
Rep. Maxine Waters: Mitt Romney Misleads on Wall Street Reform in Presidential Debate
Unfortunately, the Republican ticket continued its incoherence on financial reform with Romney's comments last night.
Janet Tavakoli: Déjà Vu: When Money Dies
What happens when a country's currency is in freefall? You need look no further than current turmoil in Iran to find out.

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