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Friday, 12 October 2012

Friday, October 12, 2012
People who have struggled to lose weight have heard it all: Cut back on calories! Work out for hours! Give up all the foods you love! But this isn't what successful weight loss means.

Losing those unwanted pounds is about preparation, setting goals and sticking to your workout plan, says Joy Bauer, a health and nutrition expert for the TODAY Show.

2.5 Minutes Spent Exercising Can Burn Crazy Calories: Study
Canada Comes In Fourth At Culinary Olympics
B.C. Premier Reaction To Bullying Death
10 Things Women Pay More For Than Men
Prisoner Self-Injury On The Rise In Canada
Natasha Turner, ND: Six Reasons To Have More Sex
The endorphins released during sexual intercourse and orgasms are natural mood-boosters and stress relievers. Regular sex can also boost your self-esteem and increase intimacy between partners. For those in a monogamous relationship, studies have found that semen does contain several mood-altering hormones that can reduce depression.
Chris Jancelewicz: 'Argo' Makes Canada Cool, For Once
General ignorance about Canada exists in culture across the board, which is a sad reality, but it makes Ben Affleck's Argo all the more important in the grand scheme of things. For once, Canada comes across as clever, devious, innovative -- but most of all, awesome.
Shannon Skinner: Actress Sarena Parmar Gives Back to Girls Everywhere [VIDEO]
2012-06-18-ShannonSkinner.jpg Canadian actress and emerging playwright, Sarena Parmar, has performed in film, television and on the stage. In this in-depth interview on Extraordinary Women TV with Shannon Skinner, Parmar discusses her rapid rise in her acting career, how her South Asian background has influenced her work, her interest in human rights and advocacy, and also her involvement with Plan Canada's "I Am A Girl" campaign.
Donald D'Haene: On National Coming Out Day, I'm Proud to Be Gay
Because today is National Coming Out Day, I was reminded of my own journey. Almost two decades ago, I came out of that supposed "closet" publicly and purposefully for when I finally figured out I was gay, I wanted to shout it to the world. I eventually found the label "gay" something to be proud of. The gay label is just one small part of the big picture. But take it away and I wouldn't be me.
Karyn Stowe: 10 Ways to Help a Friend With Cancer
I was diagnosed with breast cancer at 37 when my children were two, three and six. Some of us knew how to support a mother or grandmother through this disease -- but a friend? Now, I often get calls and emails from friends who are at a loss when another friend has been diagnosed. What can they do to help? Here is a list of things that friends did for me -- or things that I heard of people doing for friends with breast cancer.

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