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Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Wednesday, October 10, 2012
A class action lawsuit filed with the Fulton County Superior Court on Monday alleges that the Fulton and Gwinnett County School Districts in Georgia used taxpayer money to fund a campaign to defeat Amendment One, which will go to public vote Nov. 6. The vote will determine whether to amend the Georgia Constitution to grant the state more power to create and oversee charter schools, WGCL-TV reports.
Upward Trend For Higher Learning Among Minorities
Elementary Students Caught With Fake Drugs, Knives, Spray Paint
Are New Online Standardized Tests Revolutionary?
Teacher: Nobel Laureate's Science Dreams Were 'Quite Ridiculous'
Could Rick Santorum Be Romney's Education Secretary Pick?
Colin Schumacher: Human Rights and the Human Need for Love
While my students are grappling with questions of rights and responsibilities, the state of Minnesota is preparing to vote on an amendment to their state constitution that is a commentary both on human rights and the human need for love
Steve Mariotti: The Entrepreneur and Fear: An Argument for Entrepreneurial Education, Part 1
Uncertainty about the financial future dominates the lives of hundreds of millions of people: Where will I sleep? How will I feed my family? For many, just thinking about these worst-case scenarios can be paralyzing.
Stewart J. Lawrence: Does Romney Have an Opening with Latino Voters on Education Reform?
A spate of polls suggests that Romney's message on school choice -- supporting direct funding to parents through school vouchers, for example -- has the potential to resonate with Latinos.
Rupert Russell: PSA: When it Comes to Sex Ed, Less Isn't More!
Education matters. That's why a group of us came together and decided to make a Public Service Announcement on the importance of comprehensive sex education in America's schools.
Rick Ayers: Talkin' That Talk
Time and again it has been demonstrated that if students' own discourse and knowledge, their assets and strengths, are acknowledged and allowed inside the school door, they do wonderful and important learning.

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