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Thursday, 11 October 2012

Thursday, October 11, 2012
ST. LOUIS -- Mexican drug cartels are quietly filling the void in the nation's drug market created by the long effort to crack down on American-made methamphetamine, flooding U.S. cities with exceptionally cheap, extraordinarily potent meth from factory-like "superlabs."
Masked Gunmen Reportedly Kill U.S. Embassy Employee
Turkey Intercepts Syrian Plane
RECORD: 1 In 4 Greeks Unemployed
New Neo-Nazis Fly Under Radar
Putin's Crane Stunt Falls Flat
Desmond Tutu: A Promise to Girls
Today is the first-ever International Day of the Girl. This is a day to celebrate the fact that it is girls who will change the world; that the empowerment of girls holds the key to development and security for families, communities and societies worldwide.
Dominique de Villepin: The Other America
It's a part of the world where I feel more at home than in any other, a continent I feel deeply rooted in. It's a part of the world that feels unjustly neglected and it's true: Who seems to care today? Who addresses this relationship in the campaign?
Dennis Jett: Romney's Fact Free Foreign Policy
Fact checking the things that Mitt Romney says is like shooting at an elephant with a shotgun from a distance of five feet. The target is too big to miss, but hitting it also won't slow it down.
James Peron: Archbishops, and Nazis, and Gays! Oh, My!
The debate on marriage equality has often been stymied with shrill statements and hysterical hyperbole. One of the more extreme statements came from the former Archbishop of Canterbury, who likened the present status of gay-marriage opponents to that of Jews at the beginning of the Third Reich.
Peter Van Buren: Six Critical Foreign Policy Questions That Won't Be Raised in the Presidential Debates
When it comes to foreign -- that is, military -- policy, the gap between Barack and Mitt is slim to the point of nonexistent on many issues. That old saw about those who fail to understand history repeating its mistakes applies a little too easily here.

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