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Monday, 8 October 2012

Monday, October 8, 2012
Though most museums may be devoted to showcasing human triumph, another breed of exhibit charts the horrible, the inhumane and the sorrowful. These museums are both disconcerting and, thanks to the ineffable draw of the horrific, extremely popular.

The museums that make our list of the world's most disturbing museums were built to explore dark subjects, but that isn't necessarily what sets them apart. What makes these places singularly haunting is their lack of context they provide and the brutish frankness of their exhibits.
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Mark Sissons: Namibia Is Southern Africa's Desert Rose (PHOTOS)
On a continent where nature is demarcated by fences and reserves, often turning locals into trespassers and in some cases, poachers on their own ancestral lands, Namibia's conservancy program is rare conservation success story.
Sivan Askayo: Naples, A City Of Contradictions (PHOTOS)
The old monastic grounds next to the church now serve as a shelter for the needy and homeless of the city. You can't miss the church even from afar.
Fodor's: How To Navigate Morocco's Souks
Shopping in a souk can be a mystery. The guidebooks command you to bargain -- but how, without either feeling like an idiot or an Ugly American? 8 Unique Hotel Activities Around The World (PHOTOS)
While there's certainly nothing wrong with a game of golf or tennis, sometimes it's nice to mix things up and try something that's a little out of the ordinary.
Erica Firpo: Montezemolo's Revenge: The Other Side Of The Tracks In Italy (PHOTOS)
Coming from the other side of the tracks, the new Italo may have been conceived as "the people's train," but with two of its founders being "Made-in-Italy" magnates -- Ferrari Chairman Luca Montezemolo and Tod's Diego della Valle -- Italo is upping the elegance ante in inter-regional commuting. Think Milan Fashion Week with magnet synchronous motors.

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