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Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Tuesday, October 9, 2012
On the final day of the race to register voters in 16 states and the District of Columbia, Florida is reviewing a crop of complaints involving alleged voter registration irregularities, across the political spectrum.

Formal complaints have been filed against both the Florida Republican and Democratic Parties and two nonpartisan outside organizations working to register voters in the state. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement has launched investigations.

Voters in Florida and the other 15 states and D.C. who want to cast their ballots on Election Day Nov. 6 must register by end of day Tuesday. While Florida in particular has a sizable Latino population, nationally, nearly 12 million Latino adults are eligible but not registered to vote. And now, the nation's largest Latino civil rights organization -- one of the outside groups that has been working steadily to get out the vote by the registration deadline -- is questioning the substance and true purpose of the complaints filed against the group in Florida.
Hugo Chavez Loses Election -- In El Salvador
WATCH: Muxes, A Third Gender Stands Proud In Mexico
'The Enforcers,' Demi Lovato, Wilmer Valderrama Star In New Voto Latino PSA (VIDEO)
Deborah N. Archer: The Soft Bigotry of Low Expectations: Why Affirmative Action Still Matters
If the challenge is successful, Fisher would reverse decades of legal precedent, stifling universities' ability to develop a diverse student body, and closing the door to equal opportunities for students of color. Not only would minority students lose, but so would our nation.
Marc Lamont Hill: The 15 Most Overrated White People
To honor the true spirit of Columbus Day, I have created my own list of overrated white people. Of course, this list is not exhaustive, as there are countless other White people who are equally underwhelming.
Laura E. Enriquez: Big Bird and Immigrant Families: Why I'm Voting for Obama
I'm not just talking about generations of children who have watched Sesame Street but also adults and children who watch together. I remember my dad, who immigrated to the US as a child, telling me how we used to watch Sesame Street together when I was young and how he would continue watching, learning new things, long after I had fallen asleep.
Julio Pabon: Clemente Still Shines, But Does It Trickle Down To Grassroots in Puerto Rico?
The majority of the Puerto Rican youth do not really know Roberto Clemente. There was much more attention given to Clemente outside of Puerto Rico.

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