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Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Tuesday, October 9, 2012
I can see why bridges like this are so closely associated with New England. They borrow the manners of the people, doing their jobs without bringing any attention to themselves. Covered bridges are, in essence, well-camouflaged infrastructure. "I'm just another barn," they seem to say, unwilling to take credit for helping the men in trucks get from real farm to real farm.

Paramount Plans Theme Park To Rival Disneyland
Cancer Patient 'Embarrassed' By TSA
London Tourism Sites Suffered From Olympic Slump
Emirates Allows Cell Phones On World's Largest Plane
Miami Heat Players Talk Travel In China
Party Earth: 5 Amsterdam Coffeeshops Not To Miss
Inside, the coffeeshop is decked out in modern décor and features a pool table, pinball machine, foosball and some board games.
Oyster: The Northeast's Most Haunted Hotels (PHOTOS)
In fact, some of our favorite hotels -- quaint rooms, delicious restaurants, friendly staff -- host resident ghosts.
Conde Nast Traveler: The World's Coolest Boat Hotels (PHOTOS)
From small and scrappy vessels to big barges, boats of all stripes have inspired unique accommodations.
Tyler Wetherall: Our Girl In Havana: Finding The Right Bar
I wanted to find my bar. The bar that I would return to again and again; I would have a favorite drink; I would know the name of the barman; and every time I went, I would walk away with either interesting stories or interesting friends.
The Purple Passport: A Stylish Guide To London's West End
Make for media hub Bloomsbury, where high-profile publishers and digital media firms abound and cultural institutions like the British Museum and University of London set a smart, worldly tone.

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